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Banana OG (Hybrid) Candy Apple (Sativa) GOD BUD (INDICA) JACK HERER (SATIVA) The 11 (Sativa)


Known to produce euphoria, while helping patients feel relaxed and free from stress and pain.

Banana OG (Hybrid):

Citrus and pine flavors, with a banana scent. This hybrid creeps up on you as you relax into a nice comfortable state. Increases appetite, helps with sleeplessness and relaxes muscles.

Candy Apple (Sativa):
A delicious Sativa dominant strain. Sweet and fruity. Energizing, happy, and motivating, this strain helps patients who are down and depressed and also for patients who suffer from headaches/migraines.

The 11 (Sativa):

A heady strain that is uplifting, great for stress and pain relief.

JACK HERER (Sativa):
A Happy, focused, energizing strain. Works well for patients who have stomach problems and low energy. An exceptional daytime medicine!