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8 ball kush blue suede zkittlez elephant stomper Sativa

🔥Sunday SUPER Strains 🔥

Elephant Stomper (Sativa)

8 Ball Kush (Indica)

Blue Suede Zkittlez (Hybrid)

8 Ball Kush is a great Indica for patients who need relief from inflammation, stress and depression, muscle spasms, and chronic pain.

Blue Suede Zkittlez, a Hybrid blend that helps patients feel focused while also helping them relax and manage stress, pain, and depression.

Elephant Stomper, a Sativa that effects both the head and body. Patients with mood disorders find help from this strain while also finding relief from pain and muscle spasms. Definitely lives up to the “heady high” that many sativas are known for.

Hope everyone is having an excellent weekend!


$6 per gram